Simmons No.44? Great American Toothed Bucking Saw

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Simmons No.44? Great American Toothed Bucking Saw

Post by CHB » January 24th, 2021, 6:46 pm

I recently acquired this Great American toothed bucking saw and I am currently restoring it. It is 6ft long and 6 3/4in wide at it its widest and the back was slightly bridged. The saw is crescent ground and I think it may be a Simmons No.44. One end is badly pitted and the blade is very lightly pitted in some places. I have included a picture of what I believe to be my saw in the Simmons 1904 catalog. Is this saw rare or uncommon? Is this saw Valuable? Does anyone know if Great American toothed saws are cut slower in hardwoods than champion toothed saws? Thanks

Simmons no 44 catalog .jpg
Cal's Simmons No.44.jpg
Simmons no 44 back.jpg

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Re: Simmons No.44? Great American Toothed Bucking Saw

Post by Jim_Thode » January 25th, 2021, 8:13 pm

An advantage of a Great American toothed saw is that they are a little easier to sharpen. Champion toothed saws are harder and require more skill to sharpen but are more popular for hardwoods and likely cut a little faster.
As vintage saws go, your Great American toothed saw is likely not any more valuable the other vintage saws of the same condition.