Pumice saw cleaning grades?

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Pumice saw cleaning grades?

Post by frizzen » October 12th, 2021, 12:43 pm

I know the initial reccomended saw rust removal / cleaning method seem to be pumice & water

Since my area isn't known for a lot of volcanos to go pick up some 'local, handmade, free range' stones, I have messed a little with some Grill Cleaning blocks and Pumice Scouring Sticks. I don't see any that list some kind of a grading scale, or grit, or pore size?

How do you tell like a pumice 'grit' or 'hardness' equivilent to know this one is very course for knocking down rust, vs mild enough to use around etchings?

What's the best practice on not blowing through an etching while you clean a saw?
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Re: Pumice saw cleaning grades?

Post by macg » October 12th, 2021, 3:27 pm

Hi Fizzen,

I was lucky a few years ago, while on a visit to north Queensland Aust. I was walking on a beach after a cyclone had come through a few weeks earlier.
It had washed up thousands of pieces of white pumice, presumably from New Zealand.

Because I was flying home and could only pick up a shopping bags worth to put into my luggage.

I have no idea about grades of the stone but, it is very soft and wears away quickly, it is ideal for cleaning rust from saws.

I too have tried the bbq stones, they work okay but are expensive.

With regard to the etch area, use caution and work slowly to observe results.

Good luck.


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Re: Pumice saw cleaning grades?

Post by Jim_Thode » October 13th, 2021, 9:25 pm


I do know if there are different grades but I do find a difference on how they work. I use Mt St Helens Pumice and it seems to last good and not be as aggressive as grill cleaning blocks. I can clean a few saws with a relatively small piece.

This link shows the cleaning on a saw,