Help with this Disston one-man

Post here if you are trying to identify a saw, or want to discuss specific features of saws that can be used for identification.
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Re: Help with this Disston one-man

Post by whirlibird » August 27th, 2019, 8:25 pm

sandersdwa wroteCOLON
August 25th, 2019, 10:17 am
I purchased the 1911 catalog and scanned that page for you. I see there are now folks advertising to sell electronic copies of that catalog for $15.
I have collected catalogs to help me identify saw make and model and maybe determine age. Some of the age can be determined by the etch style as seen in the catalogs.

Hope I helped.
Don, I certainly appreciate the page you scanned for me. I even looked at some carpentry saw catalog information to try and see a similar etch to figure out some of the hard-to-see portions. It is neat to at least determine the age. I picked up this saw and 3 other, currently unidentified, saws as a group. The seller had the two one-man saws advertised, but also had 5 two-man saws he was about to list for sale. I couldn't resist and with my other-half's permission, bought the two I thought I would better be able to sharpen and put into use again, at least occasionally for enjoyment.

At some point, I may be posting again for other saw identification help once I get the rust under control.

Thank you again for the help,