Firewood Fun Day, 16 October, 2016 Dumfries Scotland

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Firewood Fun Day, 16 October, 2016 Dumfries Scotland

Post by Gavin Longrain » June 15th, 2016, 7:55 am

No need to book , just pitch up!
Venue: Wood Fuel Co-operative ,170 Heathhall Industrial Estate, Dumfries, Scotland, DG1 3PH
16 Oct 2016 at 2 pm
Topic: Firewood crosscutting, splitting and stacking

Ever wondered how to best cut and split the odd long log you come across? Whether from neighbours gardens, or found on the roadside - we all come across logs. It is such a shame to waste them!

At this event, you'll have the chance to crosscut logs by hand with the experts. They'll show you how to
- crosscut using the folding sawbuck
- split and stack your log so it dries quickly.
- measure you logs to just fit your stove
- know when your fuel is dry and ready to burn
- try the "top down" Norwegian fire-lighting method

You also get the chance to build your own woodstore from pallets - think of this as a Wendy House for adults!

Got an axe or splitting maul? - then bring it. We'll give it a safety check and sharpen it.

Cost NIL. Saws, sawbucks, splitting mauls and chopping blocks will be available for trial and for sale.

Youtube shows what we did at Palnackie.
Kilts not strictly necessary!