Firewood Fun Day Sat 11 Jun, Scotland

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Firewood Fun Day Sat 11 Jun, Scotland

Post by Gavin Longrain » May 31st, 2016, 1:15 pm

Firewood Fun Day Sat 11 Jun
10 am to 4 pm
Old Mill Gallery, 6 Port Rd, Palnackie DG7 1PQ

A community service idea created by Palnackie Port Group and - because staying warm efficiently matters.

Using hand-tools only, we’ll cross-cut and split logs. You’ll learn the secrets of car-tyres to control your logs when splitting, try the tape-bound log-bundle and explore the merits of the drop-through chopping block. And you’ll have tips of your own to share.

We’ll have a variety of pallets and scrap wood available to create instant woodsheds. The winning woodshed will be chosen by popular vote.

Saw buck design and log-anchoring methods
Log handling methods e.g. log-tongs, pickaroon, breaking bars and cant-hooks
Cross-cutting logs to a consistent length with the cunning magnetic length-extender
Axe care and safety
Compare different heights of chopping block and different axe profiles
Compare simple log vs drop-through chopping block
Log-storage systems and ventilation

Contentious topics
Should you split your logs in the middle? or off-centre?
Should you store your logs bark up or bark down?
What is the ideal cross-sectional area?
Fire-lighting competition: who can boil 1 litre of water quickest?

Deeply contentious topic
Which is best: the power splitter or the axe?

Axes, handsaws you think suitable for firewooding, gloves, battery-drill for fixing screws into your DIY pallet-woodshed, lunch, any logs you want to process and take home, sense of humour.

Tea, coffee, firewood, handsaws, axes, pallets, screws to morph pallets into woodshed

Cost: Nil, but donations gladly accepted

Limited to 8 places - message Gavin to book.