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Re: Order of operations

Post by PATCsawyer » August 5th, 2012, 5:58 am

Assuming that you still have the original gullet depths, you can easily make a depth gauge to act as a "bottom stop" when re-arcing a saw. Just keep all teeth relative to gullet bottoms and you should get pretty close to the original arc. This would allow you to put the saw in a low vise, clamp the teeth near the tip and hog off metal with a big file one tooth at a time. As you get close to your depth stop move to the next tooth and finish with a jointer. I suppose you could do it faster with a grinder, but that brings its own issues....

If you're filing a second-hand saw, you may find that the arc was imperfect to begin with and you will end up with an arc closer to the original spec. Also, if other teeth have impact fractures or other flaws at the same level, you will eliminate all that stressed metal. Still lots of filing though.

Is it worth all that for one tooth? One of my best saws has had a short tooth for years. Each time I re-file it I get closer to actually bringing it back to work, but not quite yet. It just goes along for the ride.