German tuttle-tooth saw

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Re: German tuttle-tooth saw

Post by sumnergeo » December 11th, 2016, 2:19 pm

One more testimonial about the Putsch saws.

We had someone bring a new, two-man, four-foot Putsch on a trail clearing outing this year. We already had a vintage D-handle and two-man with us but tried out the new one.

First, it did cut, just not as well as the vintage saws. It was a plain tooth saw with riveted handles and we used it on dry pine. The real problem was that the saw plate is so thin that it can only cut on the pull. You can not push the saw. With my vintage two-man saws, using them to single buck is never a problem but it would be impossible with the Putsch. Seems like they go for over $150!