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Re: Welcome

Post by txpop » March 19th, 2013, 5:25 pm

I've enjoyed reading the forums and look forward to learning about crosscut saws. Thanks for the site.


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Re: Welcome

Post by PackStringSaw » April 24th, 2013, 4:18 am

A belated hello here, I have been following the forum for a bit, am sure glad it's here, thanks for setting it up, - - I have really enjoyed reading the posts.

Several years ago I started working with folks at the University of Montana and the Arthur Carhart National Training Center for Wilderness in Missoula to help set up a forum for Forest Service and other public land management agency folks to communicate on-line about anything and everything related to field work, something a lot of FS field people (especially crews) did not have at the time. At that time I was in touch with a few FS field folks across the country who were interested in crosscut saws, talking with them through eBay, of all places, and we were lamenting the fact that no good communications methods were readily available at the time for us to share information about saws. In brief, a national forum was set up in 2009 through the University of Montana for discussion of all things WIlderness, including crosscut saws, which is good, but there was still something missing as far as field operations went and that involved other non-agency folks who have a wealth of information to share, ..... especially as relates to crosscut saws. This forum fits that bill, I think, and will serve as a valuable place for anyone active with crosscut saws or who may be seeking information on the topic. There's already a lot of skills and knowledge on crosscut saws here in this forum, and I have a few friends whom I'd like to bring to this forum, too, if they're not already here, who have considerable knowledge and skills on the topic, including some who literally wrote the book on crosscut saws, rigging, etc. - I hope they'll get involved in this crosscut saw discussion, too. Thanks again for this forum and for your interest in perpetuating traditional tools and skills.

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Avitar problems..

Post by Dwegner » June 25th, 2013, 8:42 pm

Newbie here, cant get my avatar to load keeps saying its too big Ive re sized and re sized and still wont work..
heres the original image, any help would be great?
Thanks, Dillon