Thumbnail for pics.

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Thumbnail for pics.

Post by Tipperman » July 27th, 2020, 10:33 am

Glad to be on the forum, hope there may be something I can add. There are a lot of thumbnails of pics on posts that I can't open. Is there an app for these?

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Re: Thumbnail for pics.

Post by Jim_Thode » July 28th, 2020, 6:46 am

Welcome Tipperman.

There is no special app to open the photos. Some photos are linked from outside sources and if those sources change or are deleted the images will not show up here.

There are two ways to share photos here. One is to post the photo onto the forum and there are restrictions on size. The other way is to link photos from other sites/source with no restrictions on photo size or quality. The disadvantage as you can't see is that if the original remotely posted photo changes, it will not show up here.