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Post by woodman » January 15th, 2016, 1:56 pm

Hallo Everybody,
I am quiet happy to be in this forum.

sorry for my bad english, my mother langage is german, i live in austria.

I do my firewood with handsaw and axe for almost a decade.
Since 2 years i live in a old farmers house only heated with wood, so i need much more wood than before.
But i still can manage to make enough fire wood for my needs without any powertools.
i'm studying logging traditions in and out of europe, and need you guys for my further research.
It looks like that one can not get any usable crosscut saw within the german language area. (I'm not able to search in skandinavien area) :roll:

i would need a good one man saw with lance tooth to cut fir and spruce to about 2,5 feed in diameter (sometimes more)
i only cut blown wood often fallen in not flat terrain so the saw should be stiff enough for inclined cuts
and probably a good skewback 4' champion tooth for green and seasoned hardwood

i do not have any experience with either champion or lance tooth pattern crosscut saws except bow saws

( i actually work with a japanese crosscut saw which is working very good in green wood without knots in the cut)

but i am about to start cutting bigger trees and are really interested to further improve my skills in sawing and filling.

Is there anybody out there helping me to get a saw and appropriate jointing and racker tool?
Shipping to Austria is often a problem on ebay, and since tax and shipping is expensive, a skilled filer knows better what to bid for?!

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Post by dayle1960 » January 16th, 2016, 2:41 am

Gooden Tag, Woodman. (Sorry, my German is horrible).

Hope you find what you are looking for. There are members here who can assist you and maybe give you ideas on where to look.

Maybe this website can guide you to find a jointer or other crosscut saw filing tools. Hope this helps.


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Post by trailcrew » January 16th, 2016, 5:46 am

I believe there is a German manufacturer of modern crosscut saws. They are Wilh Putsch and Company in Ramscheid. I've never sharpened or used one of their saws, but even the softest of saws can be made to cut well (for a time) with effort. Their website:

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Post by woodman » January 16th, 2016, 7:19 am

Hi Trailcrew,

thanks for that information.

I didn't want to fill up my first posting on hear.

Wilhelm Putsch checked out before, i ordered a champion tooth d handle saw 36'' (the longest they actually making)
and just think to return it. Not sure yet

its probably more clever to spend the time to restore an old good saw than make a bad new one working.
and its a lot of work
- jointing about 1/5inch (5mm) on very hard edges (dont have a file that takes it, just my japan saw file is hard enough but would wear fast).
- probably a temperature treatment is necessary (which teases my a bit i admit)
- the handle is riveted on
- chutters are already set, probably far too much
- and the steel is 1,1mm instead of 1,5

Gavin Longrain
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Post by Gavin Longrain » January 16th, 2016, 11:26 am

Gruss Dich, Woodman!

Ich kann etwas Deutsch - aber nicht sehr technike Worte!

Ich schlage es Ihnen vor: kommen Sie nach Tyntesfield, England 6. Mai 2016. Warum? Weil es gibt verscheidene Kursen z.B. Sage, Leder, Drechslen u.s.w.

Sie konnen wahrsheinlich verschiedene (aus zweiter Hand) Sage da kaufen. Die tagelang Kursen kosten circa GBP 50 . Den 7. und 8. Mai haben keine Kursen, aber Sie freuen sich sehr wenn Sie dabei sind. Shicken Sie mir Privat Message und ich gebe Ihnen meine TelefonNummer wenn Sie mit mir sprechen wollen. Oder mein Freund Rolf - er spricht viel besser Deutsch als mich.

And in other words: Get to Tyntesfield for 6 May 2016. Sawman of this board will be running the saw sharpening course. He'll have a variety of Great American saws for sale for next to no money. Also a charity called Tools for Self Reliance sell surplus tools that won't get sent to Africa by them. You really must come. This is part of the 'Bodgers Ball' : a gathering of human-powered woodworkers. You'll see more here. Google Bodgers Ball and set aside several hours for enjoyable web-browsing!

Sawman ( i.e. Duncan) has a wonderful ability to buy saws on Ebay of great quality. He may sell you some of them - do contact him.

Duncan: you may want to PM Woodman to encourage him to get to Tyntesfield, or send him pics of any of those trophy saws you keep acquiring you just may want to sell.

And Putsch saws are shite - d.h. dreckig!

Woodman: I have spent several years learning about saw maintenance and I am still learning. You can learn by gettting online over several years like I did. Or come to Bodgers Ball and you'll learn in 3 days hanging out there as much as I taught myself in 12 months online and in my shed.