easy tracing method

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easy tracing method

Postby Gavin Longrain » October 23rd, 2014, 4:58 am

I seek tracing of a one-man, 4-cutter saw. If you have a 4-cutter one man saw please trace yours and physically mail to me at 5 Port St, Dalbeattie, Scotland DG5 4BE
I'll gladly pay your postage via paypal.

You may like to do it like this:
Disston D10 and D210.png

I can then commission .dwg or .dxf drawings . And then get some water-jet cut. (Clearly I am into the habit now!)

Tracing will take less than 4 mins. Here's how you could do it with a length of wallpaper and a bit of charcoal.
lay the saw on paper and fold over each end

Then turn saw and paper over & rub charcoal over the profile
rubbing partially completed

I had oiled this saw, and to my surprise, I got a good image on the paper from the oil.
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