How to best describe pitch of gullet/cutter/raker ?

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How to best describe pitch of gullet/cutter/raker ?

Postby Gavin Longrain » May 30th, 2017, 11:37 pm

Because I may get more saw-plates made ready for filing by me and others, I want to understand how to better think about merits of any design.

My best suggestion so far is to focus on two numbers:
    1. points-per-foot
    2. variation from the mean point-to-point distance

For the images below:
    a) which numbers matter the most? (Having read Jim_Thode comment re gullet-size here posted May 31st, 2017, 2:49 am, I no longer think it is simply the total number of points per foot.)

    b) In images 1,2 & 3 below, what numbers would you use to describe the number of rakers, cutters and gullets per unit of length?
    What RAKER pitch do you see? I see 20.

    What CUTTER pitch do you see? I see 22.

    tempFileForShare_2017-05-31-09-19-33 (1).jpg
    What GULLET pitches do you see?

Over 24 inches, my answers are:
    1. Rakers: 20 points
    2. Cutters: 22 points
      10 gullets between Cutters
      19 gullets between Cutter and Raker
      10 gullets between Rakers
      i.e. total 39 gullets

To just describe this saw as Champion, 21 points per foot ignores the relative spacing of each point, which Jim points out is critical to performance for any particular log.

Calculation: 20 Raker points plus 22 Cutter points = 42 points total over 2 feet
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