cresent ground saw

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Re: cresent ground saw

Postby sandersdwa » July 17th, 2015, 11:49 am

Jim, maybe just on the left edge. Packers hat with beard.

I've been to two Dolly Chapman sharpening classes but still have much to learn. I still break a tooth every now and then, but so does Dolly. It depends on so many factors.
It will take me quite a bit of courage to sharpen the 541.

I have two 51. One 6' I bought on Ebay that the person over polished and have the gullets slightly rounded. Looks nice otherwise. The 5' I got from an antique store by Enumclaw. It must have had ten coats of paint and smelled like it went through a house fire "over the mantle maybe". Beautiful logo came out of the cleanup and it sharpened very nicely. Paid only $40.

Let me know if you don't find one soon and I'd make you a deal on the 6' #51.
Atkins 72 inch 51.png
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Re: cresent ground saw

Postby specter328 » July 18th, 2015, 12:48 pm

To me, those ends match what Simonds had on their saws. Also the Simonds No. 22 has the 14-16-19 gauge. That would be my guess.

Here is an end on an Atkins No. 332 1/2 which is identical to the Atkins No. 4 and No. 225 I have-

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