Proto Saw Fest - Scotland, late 2013

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Proto Saw Fest - Scotland, late 2013

Postby Gavin Longrain » July 1st, 2013, 1:40 pm

I plan a gathering of saw filers here in Scotland later this year here in my workshops Dalbeattie, Scotland. Date is flexible at present (possibly Sat 2 and Sun 3 November 2013) and the date would be highly influenced by the arrival of any knowledgeable saw filer from US. Given we are self-taught and find this forum incredibly valuable, we'd love it if anyone who knows a bit about saw filing wished to join us for the skill-share weekend to be called "Proto Saw Fest". Sadly, there won't be a contribution to your air fares to Proto Saw Fest, but at least you'd have to pay nowt for accomodation if you were a knowledgeable filer and came here to help us. I call it Proto Saw Fest, cos I'll organise a Real Saw Fest once I have had a practise run and worked out the problems. ( And if you were a competent filer and thinking of coming to UK, you may be better advised to come later for Real Saw Fest, as I can then sell your skills to others and so may then be able to pay towards your airfare.)

Participants at Proto Saw Fest will pay nothing for tuition ( because I cannot yet demonstrate value for tuition) but will pay for resources used. I think capacity would be 8 persons. I have 4 definites so far, one highly probable and 2 maybes.

Outline Agenda- suggestions welcomed for additions / variations:

    1. On the Friday before the actual weekend, make saw-vises for those that lack them - I'll procure materials to suit.
    2. For those that wish to buy new water-jet cut saw plate(s) that I am about to source: File and fit such new sawplates, starting with a common non-raker pattern so we are all filing the same profile and can compare techniques and results better. (And no, I don't yet know the price of such saw plates, but will v soon!)
    3. Refurbish old saws that folks are sure to bring along.

I need people that are coming to fabricate, or others who are not but wish to sell quantities of:
    a. swaging hammers any other swaging device e.g. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=770
    b. setting anvils e.g. end of old axles? mild steel scrap?
    c. diffent ways of measuring set e.g. Kafer dial gauges, fabricated gauges, spider gauge...
    d. Jointers
    e. cross-pein hammers - and other hammers for truing buckled blades
    f. The jig and tooling Warren Miller uses at 6:47 in this video where he punches handle holes in a newly-shortened saw.
    g. handles - we need to make new, removable Eastern or Western or Loop handles, and make or source helper handles for the newly fitted saw plates. But from whom & how?
    h. 'D' handles plus fixings for one-man saws
    i. files - in quantities and profiles to suit the saws we'll be filing
    j. pumice or other abrasive stone - for clearing rust off old saws
    i. raker gauges of varying widths to suit different raker-teeth e.g. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=755
    j. tension gauges
    What else have I left out?

I have a belt grinder, a 56 cm whetstone and a gas-forge and a coke-forge and blacksmith's anvils. (Whether those resources are relevant remains to be seen.) And a big jolly wood stove if gets cold. We'll have more fun than you can poke a stick at!

If you'd like to come, PM me to tell me what your skills and interests are and I will allocate jobs to you.
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